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Linking and supporting University Departments of Rural Health across Australia

The Australian Rural Health Education Network or ARHEN is the peak body for 12 University Departments of Rural Health (UDRHs) which are located in every State and the NT. 

UDRHs are well established, diverse and complementary, forming the most significant rural health academic consolidation in Australia.

A key activity for UDRHs is to provide and coordinate rural and remote clinical placements for health science students from universities across Australia.  

UDRHs focus on expanding and enhancing the rural and remote health workforce through multidisciplinary education and training, research, professional support and service development.

UDRHs are the only rurally based academic units that work with all health disciplines at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and with the existing workforce.

As a group, UDRHs are committed to ensuring that the health workforce needs of rural and remote areas are addressed by national strategies.

ARHEN was established in 2001 and is an incorporated company under the Corporations Act 2001.


Achievement of better rural health through learning.

Guiding Purpose

To lead and initiate the rural health agenda in the areas of education and research.


  1. Provide leadership and strategic direction in rural health education and research.
  2. Strengthen the UDRH network through coordination and communication.
  3. Represent UDRH interests through a national voice and conduit for members.

ARHEN assumes no responsibility or liability for damages arising from any error or omission, or from the use of any advice contained in this website.

Photos courtesy of UDRH students and staff