ARHEN 2017 Student Photo Competition Entry Form

2015 Competition Winning Photo

Western Australian Centre for Rural Health, Geraldton, WA

1. Entrant Details

The entry I am submitting is an original photo taken by me during my 2017 clinical placement.

2. Your entry

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3. Consent to store and use photo

I understand and agree that my entry will be stored by and remain the property of the ARHEN and their member UDRHs.
I understand and agree to my photo being used ARHEN and UDRHs in online and print publications, for general display and for other purposes.

4. Image Release Form

If your entry includes images of other people you must use the Image Release Form available for download here. The form requires people whose images are in the photo to consent to their use by signing the form which must then be returned as part of your entry. Then go to section 5 to complete the entry process.

If your entry does not include images of other people go straight to section 5 to complete the entry process.

Please use the upload field below to attach your completed Image Release Form to your submission.

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5. Consent

I understand and agree that by ticking this box I agree to the terms and conditions and are giving consent for my photo to be an entry in the ARHEN Photo Competition.

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Photos courtesy of UDRH students and staff