Staff Networks

Staff Networks are established by and report to the ARHEN Board  They comprise subject area experts from within each UDRH.  Staff Networks work to formal Terms of Reference which are developed by each network.  Their role is to :

  • provide expertise in their nominated subject area
  • inform policy development
  • contribute to the policy base and information for decision making of the Board
  • provide opportunities for collaboration across UDRHs
  • share information across UDRHs
  • promote UDRH projects and programs
  • provide support and mentorship across all UDRHs.

There are currently six ARHEN Staff Networks.

Aboriginal Staff Alliance (ASA)

Chair: Gwenda Freeman

Executive Officers (EO)

Chair: Mellissa Kruger

Mental Health Academics (MHA)

Chair: Sharon Varela

Rural Pharmacy Support Network (RPSN)

Chair: Cathy Hargreaves

Student Placement Coordination Network (SPCN)

Chair: Vicki Hale

Service Learning Network (SL)

Chair: Charmaine Swanson


Updated: 9/4/19

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