The University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health

The UDRH program at the University of Newcastle (UoN) covers the New England, North West Slopes and Plains, Liverpool Plains, Upper Hunter Valley and Manning River Region of NSW.

The UoNDRH provides support to UoN students undertaking the Master of Pharmacy program with placement durations ranging from two to four weeks. In 2014, UoN commenced its first cohort of undergraduate pharmacy students which will mean more students in the area to fulfil their rural placement requirements and hopefully increase awareness and interest in a future career as a rural pharmacist.

Placements organised by the UoNDRH provide multidisciplinary educational opportunities during hospital and community pharmacy placements and our students also participate in interdisciplinary learning days and community project activities.


The Rural Pharmacy Support Network is a staff network of the Australian Rural Health Education Network.

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Photos courtesy of UDRH students and staff