ARHEN is a company limited by guarantee and operates on a not for profit basis.

ARHEN is governed by a Board of Directors comprising senior representatives from the University Departments of Rural Health.

ARHEN Directors come from a variety of professional backgrounds and have extensive experience in rural health education, research and service delivery.

ARHEN Executive


Associate Professor Leanne Brown

Deputy Chair

Associate Professor Geoff Argus


Dr Pamela Harvey

ARHEN Directors

Professor Robyn Aitken

Professor Beth Armstrong

Professor Lisa Bourke

Associate Professor Lisa Dalton

Dr James Debenham

Professor Fiona Doolan-Noble

Associate Professor Catrina Felton‐Busch

Professor Vicki Flood

Christine Howard

Professor Deb Jones

Associate Professor Martin Jones

Professor Sabina Knight AM

Kim Pearce

Associate Professor Byron Perrin

Professor Sandra Thompson AM

Professor Vincent Versace