Rural Research, Training and Support

As rurally-based academic centres, UDRHs are well placed to provide research training and support for health students and rural and remote health professionals.

Types of support provided across the UDRH network includes:

  • Rurally-based academic supervisors with established track records and strong local community and professional networks.
  • Training to support community engagement and the co-design of locally relevant research proposals
  • Training in a range of research methods and skills
  • Mentoring support for early career researchers
  • Mentoring support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers
  • Support with research dissemination and publication
  • Support with translating research to inform practice and policy
  • Support with grant and funding writing
  • Support with abstract writing and conference presentations
  • Opportunities for networking and collaboration with other rurally-based researchers.
  • Financial support.

Further details on the research support provided at each UDRH is available on their respective website.