UDRH Visiting Staff Program

The ARHEN Board invites applications from UDRH staff (both academic and non-academic) for funding to undertake a short-term visit to one or more UDRHs to conduct a collaborative project or activity that aligns with ARHEN’s strategic priorities and provides a broader benefit to the UDRH network.

Proposals may involve, for example, visits to one or more UDRHs to:

  • strengthen professional networks between UDRH staff;
  • undertake collaborative research and achieve scholarly outcomes (eg: publications);
  • undertake collaborative teaching projects and enhance educational programs in rural and remote health;
  • share or investigate innovative UDRH management practices (eg: community engagement and communication activities);
  • or other activities that seek to enhance the reputation and public profile of the UDRHs and ARHEN.

Applications are welcome at any time over the calendar year.  Applications must include a financial or in-kind contribution from the sponsoring/host UDRHs and must be endorsed by the relevant UDRH directors.

For further information, please see the program guidelines or speak with your UDRH director or email the ARHEN National Office at admin@arhen.org.au.

UDRH Visiting Staff Program Documents